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Purchasing over the Internet

We will ship your firearm to a Federally Licensed Firearm Dealer, Manufacturer or Pawnbroker (FFL). From there, the local FFL will handle the background check and any compliance with state/local laws regarding the sale of firearms.

Please make sure you have an FFL ready to receive your firearm before you order and have them email a legible copy of their license to support@floridasilencer.com.  Once we receive the copy of their FFL, your item will usually ship the next day, unless it is a weekend or holiday.

Any magazines that are not legal in your state will not be shipped. If we do not have legal magazines to ship to you it wil be your responsibility to obtain the correct magazines.

We will only ship firearms to an FFL.   

Who can not own a firearm

If you fall into one of the catagories below you can not legally own a firearm.  Some examples of the prohibitions include but are not limited to:

  1. Persons convicted of a felony
  2. Persons under indictment of a felony
  3. Fugitives from Justice
  4. Unlawful drug users
  5. Persons adjudicated mentally defective
  6. Persons dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces
  7. Persons under a restraining order for domestic issues
  8. Persons convicted of a domestic violence crime
  9. Persons without US Citizenship

If you purchase a firearm anyway and your local FFL determines thru background check that it is liiegal for you to won it you will be charged a 50% restocking fee plus shippng costs.

Any Florida resident may purchase a firearm so long as they are not prohibited under State and Federal law to own one.

Age limits to purchase a firearm

Federal law dictates minimum age of 18 for shotguns and rifles, 21 for handguns, from an FFL.

Shipping a firearm

Firearms may be shipped to dealers, importers or manufacturers via UPS and FedEx.  Check with them for any restrictions.

Some FFL’s choose to only accept firearms from other FFL’s.


How to purchase a machinegun, silencer, SBR or SBS

Please go to our section on How To Purchase an NFA Item for detailed instructions.