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Bullseye Camera System


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You will see the most recent shot flashing on the screen no matter how many times you have shot!

This unique patent-pending system provides a remote wireless target camera at your target location and allows you to view the shots from your shooting location, up to 1000 yards away, directly on your laptop!

Tag the individual shots to identify groupings, ammunition and individual shooters.

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  The system comes complete with:

- Weatherproof camera w/night vision
- 5-hour rechargeable battery
- Router and Antenna
- Tripod and connectors
- Secure carrying case
- Bullseye Target Manager Software

Works with your iPhone, iPad or laptop running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8.

Android and Mac OSX support coming soon!

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Absolutely Affordable
MSRP $449 | 500 Yard Edition
MSRP $549 | 1000 Yard Edition
See your last shot blinking! Bullseye Target Manager Software
Shooter profiles allow you to enter locations, firearms, ammunition and target distances to keep track of your shooting sessions. You may also tag each shooter with a unique marker color.

When developing hand loads or testing various factory ammunition you can tag each shot group with a different color to determine your best setup. All without leaving your shooting bench or location.

All data is retained so you may access and analyze previous shooting sessions, individual groups, and all session information at any time in the future.
Comprehensive target camera kit! Bullseye Camera Systems Kit
The system is designed to be able to be set up in under 5 minutes. No in-depth technical knowledge is required.

Simply place the wireless target camera on the tripod, align the camera with the laser target identifier, plug in the camera and router into the supplied 5-hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery and walk way - it's that easy!

The kit stays down at your target location, you run the supplied software on your laptop and start shooting! No more walking back and forth to the target!


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